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Prior to commencing any services we undertake a pre-assessment to ensure a user’s needs are adequately met through our extensive range of services. In doing so we involve relatives, where necessary.

The service we provide to our service users are based around a person-centric approach, focusing on the needs of users and their families who remain at the center of our care plan.

As a London Home Care Agency our Home Care Services are primarily centered around adults and elderly care at home and includes the following services:

24x7 Live In &

Personal Care

Night care

Sleep over or Night duty

Bed care

In and Out of bed

Day care

Out of home trip or companion

Hospital Discharge

Medication and Meal prep

Domestic & general support

Respite and Palliative care

Who Uses Our Services?

Exodus Care aims to promote high standard of home support services, which support the needs of all service users. We also ensure that all service provisions meet requirements of the National Care Standard Act 2000.

Elderly people & adults

People with physical disabilities

People with learning disabilities

People with sensory loss

People with mental health

Adults in general domestic support

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